Monday, March 10, 2014

Where Have You Been !!!???

Good day to all the readers!!
Seriously people, life happened! Since this is a one man band other things just took precedence.
It is my hope that I will continue to highlight topics that can cause social gains for our island home Jamaica, and beyond.
As you will notice (If you can remember since I have been on hiatus) the look of the blog has changed. Even though the aesthetic is not screaming Jamaica please rest assured that the focus has not changed. I just think a change was needed. Something less "heavy".
Here's to a new year filled with positive gains all around!
God Bless!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mi Guh a University an mi Cya get a work!!!

Over and over we see the complaints from university grads and those soon to graduate and we proceed to blame the government for not supplying jobs after we have spent so much money or, in most cases, taken out such hefty loans. Persons facing this situation definitely have a point and do in fact have the right to hold the government accountable ...but to what extent?

We venture into University to expand our minds, to broaden our horizons and to set ourselves apart from the crowd. We go in and, many times, come out with an elitist view of ourselves. After all you have spent your money to earn the prestige..right? But how about using the smarts we claim to have to create avenues for ourselves and those who were not as fortunate to afford a University education.

Before we go to University we have to choose a program of study. All of us are familiar with computers and the internet these days and know it is a great resource. How many of us actually researched our degrees and the demand for it or the expected demand? How many of us looked at the numbers and chose an option that would in fact lead to the financially secure future we all desire? From all indicators..not many.

Nothing is wrong with going after what you really want to do even if the financial stability is not necessarily guaranteed. But, that is a personal choice and one you will have to be content with or a more wise choice is to find a way to manipulate that love and make it profitable.

Going to university should teach you how to think. How to be innovative. How to be independent to some degree. Make connections there and find a way to live above the realities of the state. It is a quite uneducated move to be aware of the conditions and do nothing to prevent the fate of eminent hardship.

Take the time to think about it. What can you do with your studies to make an effort to secure your financial freedom? One may not be able to do it alone but that is why we are not in this world alone. You don't have to have a famous last name to soar.

Instead of sitting back get up and do, use your intelligence for your benefit and for that of your fellow Jamaicans. Together we can achieve.

It won't be easy but it will be worth it!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


A nations flag is something held in high regard by it's nationals. It symbolizes that particular country globally. It cannot be confused with any other and is basically that countries stamp, even signature if you will.

We walk around professing lines like 'If you stand for nothing you fall for anything' yet we only see it fit to do this regarding our individual lives. We need to think about our country in the same way instead of acting as though we are separate and apart from our nation.
Let us not be fooled thinking this is just an ad, and these learned professionals just had a slight lapse in judgement when they decided to go this route. Friends, Jamaicans they could not use their own flag because of the esteem which it is held in. They even have laws protecting it. You mean to tell me that a nation that has such law saw it fit to bestow that offensive action on ours and some of you want to react as though they didn't even step on your toe?! They out right slapped us in the face!

I agree, we have pressing issues at home to address, but this is why we have different sectors in government to address different issues. I am glad that a statement has been issued regarding the matter. We cannot sit back and accept everything we are dealt. If we turn a blind eye to this only God knows what they will do next.
Many of you fail to realize how this impacts your counterparts in the diaspora. It is difficult to go about doing things to benefit the homeland and defend its honour if those at home are being nonchalant and nonproductive. Wake up and smell the coffee!

For more information I think the following article is a good read to some degree:

Jamaican's please wake up and realize your worth! Jamaica is not just a rock on planet earth. Jamaica is it's people!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Organization for Strategic Development in Jamaica

Let us not go away thinking that this blog is the first initiative ever started to propel Jamaicans into taking responsibility for the nation...Far from it..After all, there is nothing new under the sun.

As such, we seek to promote other such initiatives to help Jamaicans find the avenue that best suits them in aiding the cause. A prominent one that we will highlight this week is - The Organization for Stategic Development in Jamaica -

The organization is committed to leading healthcare, community development and educational initiative to strengthen and improve the quality of life in Jamaica by helping Jamaicans through effective partnerships with individuals, corporations, academic institutions, churches, Para-church organizations and civic groups.

Many Jamaicans in the diaspora are able to offer a helping hand through this cause.

Many Jamaicans studying medicine internationally, involve themselves in activities that send them around the world to help other nations in the very same way. This organization is offering you an opportunity to do it for your very own country that has contributed to the value of your life.

They do not only need the help of the diaspora but those of us who are still at home. We have as much to share as the others and this is a way for us to get involved as well. You do not have to be in the medical field to add value to this organization. I have no medical training but I do have business training that they are able to put to use. I encourage you to 'Get up & Do!'

For further details please visit their website - or leave a request below for information.